Most lawn care sites do not post their prices. We offer fair and reasonable pricing and all estimates are negotiable. We offer weekly, bi-weekly and monthly contracts that save you even more money.


Shredding of large lots or acreage is charged at a $55 per hour with a three (3) hour minimum. We do not charge a load fee or mileage as other companies do. Our experience with shredding overgrown lots shows that we average about 1.5 to 2 acres per hour dependent on the overgrowth. Call us for a free estimate. We will be happy to make the trip to the property to provide you with the best price possible.

$55 per hr min

Lawn Care

Lawns obviously vary in size which is why our prices range from as low as $35 for smaller yards to as high as $60 for large city lots.
Large estates or small ranches with limited obstacles range from $35-$50 per acre. Overgrown lots require more time and fuel so we do charge a minimal fee to service them.
Please call for an accurate estimate to ensure you receive the best pricing.

$35 min


Tree trimming, planting or complete tree removal is available. We can plan your tree removal to coincide with City Brush pick up to save you money. 

We also provide stump grinding services.

Call for an estimate on the cost of tree trimming and removal.

Call for Estimate

Call for weekly, bi-weekly or monthly contract pricing to save more money!