Clean Cut Lawn Mowing

High quality machines that are properly maintained are key to the providing you and your business with a high quality, professional looking mainicured lawn.
​Meticulous attention to detail is what sets us apart from other lawn services.

We can handle that overgrown lot or yard. Overgrown lots are subject to additional costs to offset higher fuel costs and more time needed to put that yard back into shape.

Large Lots and Fields

We have the equipment to shred or finish mow your large lots or fields.
We have no hidden fees. No delivery or load charges like other lawn care services.

Lawn Striping

Perfect for baseball, football fields, Churches or ranches with large yards....Gives your property a special look..

Complete Lawn Care

Lawn Care isn't complete unless you do the clean-up work. We always walk the lawns prior to cutting to remove any trash or debris from the yard. After we mow, edge and tree trim we remove all excess clippings by blowing the sidewalks, driveways and street clean and remove any trash on the lawn. 

Tree Trimming and Removal

Whether it is a planned tree trimming or something forced upon you by Mother Nature, we can be there to help you with all your tree trimming needs. Proper tree trimming requires experience and knowledge of where to make cuts and requires professional grade tools that make clean cuts to protect the tree. We can schedule your tree trimming to coincide with the City"s Brush pick-up which will save you money on removal of trimmings.

Stump Removal/Grinding

After we or Mother Nature takes your tree down, you are still left with the stump of the tree. We also provide stump grinding service to chew that stump to below ground level and we can then fill the hole with dirt and new grass making it appear as if the tree never existed.  

Cedar Fence Repair and Installation

We often perform small repairs to privacy fences while performing lawn care services, as these type of fences deteriorate and have loose boards or have boards that need replacing. We also provide complete fence removal and installation. Call us for a free estimate. 

Fertilizer, Mulch and Weed erradication

Adding mulch around trees is more important than just providing a clean appearance. It protects the soil around the tree from high heat or cold temperatures and allows the soil to retain moisture for the tree. It also protects the tree from damage from weed-eating or lawnmowers hitting the tree. Call for estimates on adding mulch to protect your trees or shrubs.
We do not use harsh chemicals for weed erradication or for fertilizing. All chemicals we use are the same over the counter items that are made available to the public. With proper application techniques these chemicals do work. If they didn't, I would not use them on my own yard. We can offer you guidance on the use of these items or we can apply them for you.